Hibird Media Ripped Me Off

Sydney, New South Wales 3 comments

I got recommended to use Rob from Hibird Media to design me a website.

We started of with a coffee meeting and I walked away with hope and promises.

Silly me paid the full amount up front and now I had to wait the 3 weeks promised to design my website.

Days turned to Weeks and then Months.

He would blame his staff and then the hosting company and then not return my calls or emails.

I knew he was to blame because the person that recommended me told me and apologied.

When I got my finally site up, it was full of errors.

He was so unprofessional that he forwarded me an email that included the web design company from India that actually did the work. Reading down the email trail exposed more of his lies. eg/ telling me the hosting company was down on the 13 December when the emailed showed he purchased it on the 15th of December.

Dont get a website from hibirdmedia as rob mitchell is a *** artist, and a poor one at that.

Review about: Website.



Same scenario with me, hope and promise followed by up front payment then left holding my proverbial's while he blames his 'business partner' for months of ***.

Absolute weasel, karma will get him.


I worked for Robb as a sub-contractor and he failed to pay me telling me to chase his business partner.a simple asic search from the debt collecting agency showed he doesn't have a partner.

He changed companies, phone numbers, moved address & his emails bounce.

I hope he watches over his back as I would love to see him in squirm.


I had a very similar experience with Robb and Hibird Media, who conveniently kept changing company identities once I was roped in..

Robb Mitchell of Sydney Australia is a fraud.

He's also in a band call the take i believe. watch him and boo. he's shiesty rat

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